Crypto Wallet of the Future

Send and Receive Cryptocurrency Instantly and Experience Seamless at its Best. Say hello to the Wallet of Tomorrow, Today!

Protected by Industry Standard Protocol

Your cryptocurrency assets stored on Linqcash are protected by Industry Best Practice – Hot & Cold Wallet.

Reinforced Security

Your privacy is our priority. No effort is spared in ensuring the security of your assets.

Intuitive & Convenient

Designed for ease-of-use, say goodbye to long transaction IDs and wrong addresses.


Linq for Business

LinqCash is a multi-signature wallet that is designed to give you complete control of your cryptocurrency assets and includes dedicated wallets for 30+ popular cryptocurrencies.

With high-security standards accessible through familiar methods, LinqCash is able to meet the needs of individuals and businesses.

Full Feature Wallet

Managing multiple wallets for multiple cryptocurrency assets can be a real challenge. Not anymore. Hold all of your assets in one place with LinqCash.


Crypto Wallet for Everyone

LinqCash provides a safe place for you to manage your cryptocurrency, and make payments in just a few clicks. On top of that, we provide a scalable application delivery platform to enable blockchain applications to be built efficiently, giving you a seamless crypto payment experience.

Secure Storage

Safe storage for every user to manage their cryptocurrency assets while making payments in just a few clicks.

Theft Mitigation

Set limits per day/week to help minimize the risk of theft of your cryptocurrency assets.

Industry Best Practices

A convenient solution to data security, making high-security standards accessible to individuals and businesses.


Your Security. Our Priority.

At LinqCash, cutting edge security, user privacy, and ease of use are at the core of everything we build. With the constant implementation of additional and enhanced security features, we take extreme security measures to eliminate any chance of unauthorized access to your wallet.

Have peace-of-mind knowing that your cryptocurrency assets and privacy is always safe.

2FA Authentication

With 2FA enabled, you will only be able to log into your account using a random 2FA code generated by an authenticator.


Multisig approval to ensure you are notified of any outgoing transactions before they are released.

Got a Minute?

That's all you need to create a LinqCash crypto wallet.

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Managing your crypto asset is a breeze with LinqCash. Start your crypto journey, today!