13 Ways to Make Money with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses encryption techniques and high cryptography to ensure transactions are secured, control the formation of additional units and verify fund transfers. Cryptocurrency operates independently and is not bound by regulations of a Central Bank or government. In our modern world of today, when an investment is discussed, cryptocurrency is one topic that cannot be overlooked. There have been various articles urging people to invest in cryptocurrency and how the digital currency can make one a millionaire. 

But then, like every other investment, cryptocurrency also has its downturns and here are 13 ways which one can make money with cryptocurrency 


This is the most common method when it comes to making money with cryptocurrency. This is also the easiest and one of the best ways to make money with cryptocurrency. In this method, all you do is purchase an asset, be it Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum or any other you wish to acquire. You then hold on to it and wait for the price of the assets you bought to grow higher so you can sell at a higher rate than you bought it. 


Although not as easy as the first method mentioned but this is one of the fastest and profitable ways to make money by investing in cryptography currency. In this method, you buy an asset, hold it, plan to sell it for profit in the future and you also receive dividends by just holding it.


For the day trading method, the trading bots come in handy. It definitely isn’t an easy task to stare at your computer all day waiting for when to make the right move. Hence, trading bots is a platform that helps you to automatically make a trade when the time is right by carrying out calculations faster than the human brain.


This method is quite technical and requires you to read signals in financial trading charts daily. Due to the volatility of Cryptocurrency, the prices could rise very high or drop drastically low in a day. A day trader would be able to read the signals and know when to buy and sell. This method brings in huge returns in a short time if you can read the trading signals correctly.

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Another method through which one can earn money with cryptocurrency is called mining. It employs the usage of interconnected computers to decipher complicated mathematical issues and after that, you will be rewarded. All you need to do is invest in the equipment and let it run. The process requires a lot of commitment.


One of the easiest ways to make money with cryptocurrency is by microtasking.  In this method, you are not concerned about the risk involved as all you do is to assist someone with small services and get paid in cryptocurrency.  There are various tasks you can assist someone with like filling out an online survey, debugging a website or testing an app amongst others.


Cryptocurrency exchanges are online platforms that enable you to create an account and log into your account to carry out cryptocurrency transactions. However, prices in currencies are not stable and can differ from the price in another account.


This method is favorable for those who own businesses or websites. For example, if someone uses your website to log on to a company that pays also in cryptocurrency, you can opt for cryptocurrency payment instead of regular cash.


Somewhat similar to the buy and hold method, the difference though, is that you don’t really have to worry about selling to get rewarded. Buy and hold pays you for simply holding on to currencies and keeping them in circulation.


As stated in the microtask method, a lot of people are willing to pay in cryptocurrency. Therefore, if you have a business, you can work and get paid in cryptocurrency. This is a very lucrative method of making money with cryptocurrency.


There are some apps and websites that pay cryptocurrency like bitcoins as a reward for a task completed. Although the bitcoin rewards are usually small, there are thousands of these apps and websites and they are known as bitcoin faucets.


If you are into the business of buy and hold, this is a great way to expand your earnings. By simply using peer to peer networks, you can lend your coins out and get an upward of about 10% on your investment.


A master node is a computer which keeps a record of available cryptocurrency blockchain.  Hosting master nodes for various networks can get you several coins. This is quite a tedious process but it is also a good way to make money with cryptocurrency.


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