2020 has set out to be an unpleasant year for the economic market due to the outbreak of the covid-19 virus. However, if you are a smart investor, this incident can be one of the greatest opportunities of your life. Here are Top 10 smart cryptocurrency investments in 2020 to start off with.


1. Ripple (XRP)

This cryptocurrency is the most promising investment as of today. Its advanced technology and network provides investors an opportunity in banking, ecommerce and payment. There is an expansion of strategic partnership as ripple is the first money transfer company to scale up the usage of blockchain capabilities. Ripple offers on-demand liquidity, which increases the speed of customer transfers. 2020 will have a higher adoption of XRP. Thus, its price will rise significantly.


2. Zcash (ZEC) 

If you are an investor that is particular about the privacy of your cryptocurrencies, you have come to the right place. Most cryptocurrencies can be easily tracked down to the owners, by government authorities and companies. Zcash has a total fixed supply and it is designed mainly for peer-to-peer value transfers, leading to higher privacy capabilities. The price of (ZEC) is closely related to overall market performance so if Bitcoin continues to thrive, Zcash will follow through.




 3. Stellar (XLM) 

Stellar is one of the well known cryptocurrencies out there as development is ongoing and improving. Moreover, it is among the most affordable currencies to invest in as the price is counted on cents. Being open-sourced and decentralized for cross-border transactions between any currency pair, a network of many tokens (XLM) has been built. This digital currency serves as a backbone for other cryptocurrencies, giving it an opportunity to upscale.






4. Neo (NEO)

This is an open source, community-driven platform that relies on blockchain technology to optimize digital economy. Investors received 50 million tokens and the remaining amount was locked in a smart contract during the genesis block. Millions of tokens are for funding long-term goals of NEO development. Although the price nearly doubled, the low price of NEO tokens makes it easy to accommodate for any investor






5. TRON (TRX) 

The Ecosystem of Tron is one of the most hyped projects in the cryptocurrency world. The Goal is to build a free, global digital entertainment system in which users can share virtual content in an easy and cost-effective way. The concept  is to cut out the medium (middleman), so that everyone can host content on the blockchain-based ecosystem.There is an unique opportunity to lower the price of third party distribution channels, such as Netflix, and translate this to lower price of accessing the content. 






6. Ontology (ONT)

This is a public, multi-chain platform. The goal is to boost blockchain technology among businesses, allowing them to implement blockchain solutions without prior knowledge. Businesses can launch trust mechanisms and tailor them to meet their specific needs.As such, the learning curve for blockchain business applications decreases significantly. For example, data exchange and identity verification. Ontology has then become user-friendly for Investors who are new to blockchain.






7. Cardano (ada) 

Cardano is one of the newest technologies on the blockchain and it relies on strong technology-forward people. It is specially made for large scale financial applications and the decentralized ecosystem runs on its own cryptocurrency (ADA). ADA is fast and reliable for value transfers and offers a high degree of flexibility for updates. Multiple services can develop around the cryptocurrency community, which in turn push ADA higher.






8) Ethereum (ETH) 

By far, Ethereum is the most influential cryptocurrency out there.This is because ethereum blockchain allows thousands of projects to develop on top of it. The strength of this currency is tied to its network. The more decentralized apps and ecosystems rely on ETH network, the more powerful tokens become. Given that it is very accessible for newbie investors, there is huge potential for this crypto in months ahead






9) Litecoin (LTC) 

One of the fastest and most affordable cryptocurrencies for payments, is none other than Litecoin. It is given the 3rd place by market capitalization, due to the technology-advanced profile. Each LTC unit trades for less than $100, giving more investors an opportunity to jump in . The price depends on adoption level but its coin is already at a good path. LTC will soon be integrated to regular ATMs in South Korea.






10) Bitcoin (BTC)

World’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, serves as one of its biggest advantages against other players in the market. Investors will always benefit from high liquidity levels as long as BTC dominates the cryptocurrency market. Even during periods of uncertainty in the market, Bitcoin has shown volatile yet consistent growth. With the upcoming bitcoin halving 2020, new peaks will soon approach.








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