How Fun and Games Promote Cryptocurrency Usage Among the Masses


Cryptocurrencies and tokens have taken over the gaming industry, thanks to the incentives it brings for gamers. It is no doubt that the easiest way to learn something is by playing. The masses are able to learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain through fun games. After all, who wouldn’t want to earn virtual currencies just by playing games? Here, we breakdown how fun and games promote the usage of cryptocurrencies among the masses.


Role Playing Games (RPGs) 

These games merge elements of trading card games and classic arcade features. Since most are free, they attract large masses of newbies. Built on blockchain technology, players can collect and trade in-game assets to develop gameplay and test them against others within the virtual world. All items collected and won are real and stored in the blockchain of the player. Best part, these elements can be withdrawn and exchanged outside the game as well, making it attractive to earn cryptocurrencies.



Last Man-Standing Games 

The ultimate goal of these is to keep your characters alive. A Similar concept is applied to popular games such as Hearthstone and Pokemon. By default, players can start off in the survivor edition, which is absolutely free. If one wants to go all out, they can upgrade to other editions. All editions, including free ones, are blockchain-based game assets which mean that players can withdraw to their cryptocurrency wallet anytime. Note: For free items to be transferred to an external wallet, check the respective game’s conditions.



Strategy Games

If action-packed and adventurous games are not your cup of tea, strategy games will take you on a ride. These games are perfect to let your creativity flow as the objective is to come up with items and explore the specific games’ universe, taking over the different regions. The more regions owned by players, the higher the value. Different regions hold unique values. What’s great is that this value will be all yours, recorded on the blockchain. Players can choose to sell or trade portions of it as well.



Card Battling Games

 Fantasy worlds of such games are usually divided into kingdoms, each fighting to gain full control. The goal is to gain power and embark on missions and battles to build a super team by trading of cards. Since each card is a digital collective item stored on the blockchain, players can buy, sell or exchange them anytime.




Arcade Games

In the blockchain gaming world, arcade coin pusher games are rather simple yet addictive. One has to collect as many items as possible by dropping coins. These collectibles can be converted to cryptocurrencies. The higher your ranking, the more chances of collecting a high-valued item. This will in turn fill up your crypto wallet easily.



War Games

This category is not only popular in the world of traditional gaming but also in the blockchain space. Similar to standard war games but this time, your units are truly yours. You will have complete rights of everything purchased and acquired in this 3D world, profiting even more.



 Cute Character Games

Indulge in adventures by cute puppies, pandas and other fantasy creatures. Each character owned will be stored on the blockchain so you are free to sell and exchange these tokens. Increase the value of characters by training them in game and turning the tokens into digital currencies like ETH.


Sports Games

All the excitement of sports games, but with a technology-forward approach enter the Blockchain gaming space. Perform well in real games to improve statistics of your figure and increase the value of your team. Win races to attain greater wealth. This way, higher profits can be made.



 Before you set out on your journey to blockchain games, ensure that your profits will be stored safely in a cryptocurrency wallet.  


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