Bitcoins have recently had a growing market globally , due to the digitalised world we live in today. If you are wondering where these bitcoins can be used in Singapore, then you have come to the right place. Fortunately, Bitcoins are accepted both online and offline in this small, sunny island. The following are some of the merchants that accept Bitcoins as their payment methods.

1) Cafes, Pubs and Bars 

Artistry cafe is a hybrid gallery & cafe located in the heart of town. It serves locally roasted coffee with desserts served on aesthetic hand-crafted pottery. For night-life enthusiasts, good news! Bartini is also a famous bar that accepts Bitcoins. Fun fact, it is the only bar that caters to cocktails and mixology in Singapore.


2) Clothing apparels

XX simplicity clothing is a physical store that sells clothes, accessories, perfumes and more. On the other hand,  ButtonsUp is another store of a similar concept that sells a wide variety of products, including male and female apparels.

3) Bitcoin Brokering services

Coin Republic is basically an ATM for Bitcoins. It  buys/sells bitcoin on your behalf, on a foregin exchange and then sends it directly to your bitcoin wallet. Your convenience is a priority.

4) Tuition services

Happy Tutors learning center, located in the West region of Singapore, has the  intention to inject variety & new energy into the process of learning. Traditionally, tuition is seen as mundane and boring. However, the center breaks free from this negative perception by bringing in innovative concepts. The acceptance of bitcoins as a payment method is just one of the many.

5) Internet service provider

InternetQ is a well-known fibre broadband service provider that caters to mobile, social and app-driven marketing solutions. They effectively leverage on large numbers adopting connected devices.


6)Tech Gadgets and Products

If you carry any apple devices, fret not as the pod@ raffles is a one stop location for all your apple products. Epic Gear is another shop for technological devices that can fix all your software and hardware issues. Besides maintenance and repair, gaming & peripheral needs will be met as well as recovery services provided.


7) Printing services

Colornet printing technology has the  finest quality of printing services be it for books, brochures, calendars and more. They also have a range of presentation folders and all other materials required to meet your office/ work needs.


8)Delivery service

Want to send a parcel over using your bitcoins? dilivr.it is an online platform catered to individuals & businesses with on demand, hassle-free courier services that save your time.


9) Transportation

The  most common way to get to tioman is by Blue water express ferry. Now with tioman ferry tickets, you can escape the crowds by booking them safely and securely with bitcoins online. This way, you will be able to enjoy your holiday getaway with peace of mind.


10) Babycare products

For mothers searching for good quality products for their children, Organic 7 days is a physical store located in Ubi. It has a range of organic mother and baby products available which use 100% pure & natural ingredients.


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